The IBM® 7188 or 9188 rack-mounted power distribution unit (PDU) contains 12 IEC 320-C13 outlets that are connected to six 20 amps (A) circuit breakers (two outlets per circuit breaker). The PDU employs an inlet current that allows various power cord options that are listed in the following chart. Based on the power cord that is used, the PDU can supply from 24 amps to 63 amps.
(Whether you decide to use single-phase or 3-phase input power, the output power supplied to your IT equipment by the PDU will be single-phase.) For PDUs with multiple load banks, make sure the loads can fit on each bank without overloading an individual load bank or creating a load imbalance.
Oct 28, 2020 · The three phase system can be used as three single phase line so it can act as three single phase system. The three phase generation and single phase generation is same in the generator except the arrangement of coil in the generator to get 120 o phase difference.
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